Directly Affected by War?


April 9, 2022
Donations shipped

Collected donations will be shipped to the following organizations in Ukraine:



Foundations and other organizations in Ukraine that we sent donations to:

Громадська Організація “АЛЬТЕРНАТИВА”

Громадська Організація “АЛЬТЕРНАТИВА”


Established in Odessa in January 2005. The key goal of the organization is to improve quality of life of the people who are diagnosed with HIV / AIDS and their families:
- Provides psychosocial and counseling support for HIV-positive people and their families.
- Works on detecting new cases of HIV infection, helps with medical examination and treatment.
- Provides comprehensive support to HIV-vulnerable groups.

Благодійна організація «Фонд Руфь»

Благодійна організація «Фонд Руфь»


Established in the Rivne region in 2017, Initially this charity organization started as a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug-addicted women. Gradually, they expanded their help to support those who are in need: people with disabilities, elderly people, and struggling families with kids. This organization helps by providing food rations and medical supplies.

Public organization «Institute of legislative ideas» (ILI)

Public organization «Institute of legislative ideas» (ILI)

This NGO was established in Kyiv in October 2017. ILI is an independent think tank whose mission is to lobby, and review current and draft legislation to stem corruption. To build a country with equal opportunities for all, with democracy, and the rule of law.

Now they are helping distribute medical supplies to hospitals and wounded soldiers.

Львовская ассоциация Йоги и Танца

Yoga and Dance Studio in Lviv

The studio has been converted into an emergency shelter. Right now, as we speak, it's sheltering some 500 people.