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Generators for Ukraine

Russia doesn’t stop its rocket terror. It hopes to plunge Ukrainians into cold and darkness. The recent massive strike cut off Ukraine for almost 2 days. Immediately, the entire cities were deprived of light and water supply. People couldn’t prepare dinner and were looking for their warmest sweaters to keep worm in their their own homes. The blackout caught doctors while they were doing surgeries, bakers while preparing bread, teachers while scheduling their lectures...

Temporary electricity outages turn a life upside down. But lengthy blackouts are unbearable for many people, especially children and older adults. As winter gets colder and the temperature lowers to an itchy 14F (-10C), people become even more vulnerable before the electricity outages. And there is no single sign that the Russian rocket terror will end soon.

We can help Ukrainians to survive this winter by donating to Hearts for Ukraine. Your fundraising efforts will save the lives of Ukrainians. Remember, even $1 matters. Please Donate TODAY.

Share this information on all your social media! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your coworkers! Everyone can help!

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