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Help Us Save Lives Today!

Hearts for Ukraine is a campaign to SAVE LIVES and we need YOUR HELP!

Since the beginning of the war, we have been delivering critical supplies directly to hospitals, shelters, schools, orphanages, nursing homes, refugee centers and people of Ukraine defending and protecting their land. We have helped more than 30 organizations and many individual families, with many more continuously reaching out for help. To provide targeted help where it is most needed, we are partnered with registered NGO's and proven volunteer organizations in Ukraine, including Ministry of Heath and Ministry of Emergency Situations, and we are supported by General Consulate of Ukraine in San Francisco.

Thanks to generous support of our donors, we were able to deliver protective firefighter gear to emergency services and firefighters in some of the most hit parts of Ukraine; life-saving medical and surgical equipment to hospitals and mobile medical units; first-aid kits to defenders; food, clothes, hygiene and household products, necessities for kids and infants to those in need, and help orphaned pets. We have the know-how and logistics to get this done - but we still need your support to make purchasing necessary supplies and covering cost of freight shipping possible.

Please donate and help us save lives! No amount is too little - every little bit helps!

And please spread the word...

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