Shipping Medical Supplies

Hey everyone! We need your help again! Help us help Ukraine!

Last month we held a fundraiser to ship protective firefighting gear and emergency supplies to Ukraine. A lot of volunteers came to our warehouse to help us pack and package supplies. We want to thank each and every one of you! With your help, we managed to package and ship 16 pallets of critically needed aid for Ukraine! And now we are asking for your help again.

We received new donations of medical supplies (syringes, IV tubing, first aid, pain medications, gauzes, sterile pads, wound care, etc...), emergency med-kits, hygiene products, necessities for kids and infants. We will ship them to Ukraine and distribute them to emergency services, firefighters and doctors, so they can save more lives!

We have the know-how and logistics to get this done. What we don’t have is you! This is a call to action! We are announcing a fundraiser with the goal of collecting $15,000 to cover the cost of freight shipping by plane.

Please donate to us and help us save lives! No amount is too little! Every little bit helps! And please spread the word!

GOAL: $15,000